Recreated debian package to update my GPG key

My GPG key expired so I had to recreate the debian package to provide an updated key. As a result, version 0.3.7-2_all of the debian package is now available:

Unfortunately, the package manager, be it APT, Synaptic, UpdateManager, Ubuntu Software Center, or whathever, will complain because of the expired key. However testing with Ubuntu 11.04 suggests that the package manager should offer to update to the new version, which ships with the updated key and fixes the issue. See, for example, the following screenshot, that shows what happens when upgrading via APT:

apt complains but installs

as you can see, you need to force the installation of 0.3.7-2_all because by default APT refuses to install a non-authenticated package.

If the package manager does not seem to update Neubot, i.e. it keeps reporting over and over again an error that patterns after this one:

      W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is
      not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error:  Release: The following signatures were
      invalid: KEYEXPIRED 1307547537
      W: Failed to fetch
      W: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old
      ones used instead.

then, in this case I suggest to download the updated package and install it at hand: Installing the updated package over the old one should fix the issue as well. (For more information on how to install it please see "how to install the debian package".)

While there, I also deployed a couple of fixes for some annoying warnings printed by Ubuntu. E.g. see the following screenshot:

apt complains but installs

Thanks to J.C. De Martin, F. Morando, and D.Allavena that pointed out the above bugs and issues with the debian package.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Shouldn't be needed, however feel free to contact me privately if you run into trouble because of this.)