WARNING! This page is obsolete and if you arrive here let us know, because you shouldn't. Please see instead, thank you!

Neubot is written in Python and therefore should run on all the systems supported by Python. However, you might want to check our ports page to be sure that there are not "porting" issues.

To install Neubot, go to download page and follow instructions for your operating system. We provide binary packages for MacOS X, Windows, Debian, and distributions based on Debian (such as Ubuntu). If there is not a binary package for your system, you can still install Neubot from sources.

Neubot implements the following transmission tests:

  • speedtest This transmission test:
    • is inspired to the test of;
    • is a client-server test using HTTP;
    • measures latency, upload, and download speed.

You can read more on the implemented tests in the Technical questions section of out FAQs.

Web User Interface

WARNING! This section is obsolete and if you arrive here let us know, because you shouldn't. Please see instead, thank you!

The web interface allows to monitor the state of Neubot. One way to access the web interface is to open your favorite web browser and go to (of course the link will not work if Neubot is not running on your machine).

The default view shows the status of Neubot Agent, and the result of the latest transmission test. This view will automatically update as the status changes, provided that you have enabled Javascript and that your browser is AJAX-enabled.

Web UI

Speedtest section

If you click on the "Speedtest" link you can inspect the lastest results of the test.

Web UI

Log section

In the "Log" section you can inspect the state of neubot and check errors. There can be four kinds of coloured rows:

  • Red for errors.
  • Yellow for warnings.
  • Blue for notices.
  • Grey for debug information (only if debug mode is enabled).

You can refresh the page by clicking on the "Refresh page" link.

Web UI

Change settings

Via the "Settings" tab you can change almost all possible settings variables. For most of them, you have to restart Neubot Agent.

When you finished editing settings, click che "Save" button.

Web UI


In the "Privacy" section you can tune the permissions you give Neubot with respect to sharing your Internet address with the researchers community. By default, we don't share, but we would like to do that because there is a great value in sharing results with other researchers. (See also the F.A.Q. and the privacy policy.)

Web UI