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Versione italiana

We use a single mailing list to report bugs, ask questions, make suggestions, and discuss neubot development. The official languages for this mailing list are English and Italian.

Note that you MUST subscribe the mailing list first, because otherwise your message WOULD NOT be accepted. The URI to subscribe is listed below.

Please, note that the registration page uses a self-signed certificate, which, by the way, is not for another domain (not but Because of that, your browser is likely to complain a lot. Don't be scared, however, this is not a real security risk and it's a known issue. We look forward to install a certificate for, when our network infrastructure grows.

That said, here's the URI:

We advise you to search the public archive BEFORE posting a message, because others might have already asked the same question or reported the same bug. All posts to the mailing list are archived here: