Released Neubot 0.3.5

Greetings. Neubot 0.3.5 is the second generally available stable release of Neubot, after Neubot 0.3.1. It is available as a package for Debian and Ubuntu, as a zipped application for MacOSX, as an auto-installing executable for Windows XP, as well as in source format.

This release is meant for general availability and contains many improvements since 0.3.1. The most important ones are the new web user interface, a more-robust (and longer) speed test algorithm, and a different strategy for windows executables, to avoid being mistakenly recognized as malware by some antivirus heuristics.

This release has been tested for six days on my ADSL using Windows XP and OpenBSD, without stability problems. I have also briefly tested the packages on Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7.

Sources and packages available here:

If you want to review more closely what changed, here you can read the ChangeLog:

and here's the commit history:

Thank you!