Released Neubot 0.3.6

Version 0.3.6 is the third generally-available stable release of Neubot, coming one month after Neubot 0.3.5. It is distributed as a package for Debian and Ubuntu, as a zipped application for MacOSX, as an auto-installing executable for Windows XP, as well as in source format.

This release is meant for general availability, and contains many improvements and bug fixes over 0.3.5. The most important ones are:

  • a download-only command-line-only BitTorrent test, named 'bittorrent' (more details below);
  • a download-only command-line-only TCP bulk-transfer-rate test, named 'stream' (more details below);
  • an enable/disable button in the Web User Interface (WUI);
  • the possibility to query recent speedtest results by-date (i.e. 'get last 16 hours') instead of by-number (i.e. 'get the last 24 results');
  • a major cleanup/simplification in the WUI javascript backend;
  • a fix for a bug, introduced in 0.3.5, that caused system-menu links not to work under Windows 7;
  • other minor fixes and cleanups.

I have blogged about the new 'bittorrent' and 'stream' transmission tests and you can read it here:

This release has been tested for two weeks on my ADSL using Windows XP, Windows 7, MacOSX 10.4, Ubuntu 10.4, and OpenBSD 4.8-current, and I have not noticed any stability problem.

Packages and source archives available here:

If you want to review more closely what changed, here you can read the ChangeLog:

and here's the commit history: