Released Neubot 0.4

Version 0.4 is the fifth generally-available stable release of Neubot, coming after two months of hard work. It is distributed as: a .deb package for Debian and Ubuntu; a zipped application for MacOSX; an installer for Windows XP SP3+. It is also available in source format.

This release contains 475 patches. The diffstat says: 126 files changed, with 8686 lines inserted and 1837 lines deleted.

Here are the most relevant changes:

  • the bittorrent test has been finalized and now runs in background by default. A tab has been added to the web user interface to show the results of the test;
  • the web interface is now internationalized and a full Italian translation is available;
  • on login, under Windows and Ubuntu, now Neubot notifies the user if she needs to update her privacy settings and/or a new release is available;
  • the master server is now capable of redirecting a Neubot to a nearby server, using MaxMind's GeoLite technology and data;
  • now the log tab shows the last 7 days logs instead of the logs since the current instance of Neubot was started;
  • the number of variables exposed in the settings tab has been reduced and most internal-only settings are not visible anymore;
  • now there is a custom Neubot executable for Debian that should improve reliability when the user has installed several versions of Python;
  • the new `show_database` command allows to display the content of a database in the web user interface;
  • code rationalization and bug fixes.

As usual, in the following days we will blog about the new features implemented by this version of Neubot, providing more details

Most of the changes have been tested for a reasonable amount of time on our development machines. The release has been smoke-tested on Ubuntu Linux 11.04, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and MacOSX 10.6.

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Thank you for your attention!