Neubot 0.3.4 available for testing

Greetings. Neubot 0.3.4 is the latest unstable release of neubot and is available for testing at our sources and packages repository, as a package for Debian/Ubuntu, MacOSX, and Windows XP+.

This release IS NOT meant for general availability and targets mainly developers, testers, and curious. The main improvements from 0.3.3 are:

  • support for obfuscating traffic using ARC4,
  • a fix for a regression in, introduced in 0.3.3, that caused speedtest to report bad upload results,
  • infrastructure changes in to host BitTorrent
  • support for a "testing" APT repository.

This release has been tested for one day, without stability problems, on Ubuntu 10.04.

Note for Debian/Ubuntu users: the neubot 0.3.4 debian package will update your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/neubot.list, in order to follow the testing repository--that is, you will be prompted for updates when the next unstable version of neubot is available.

Packages available here:

If you want to review more closely what changed, here you can read the ChangeLog:

and here's the commit history: