Testing the new web user interface

I am pleased to announce that the new web user interface — the local web interface to control the state of the neubot daemon and review your results — has landed into neubot-next. This means that people that follows neubot-next can start trying and testing it right now. Screenshot below.

web interface 2.0


Master server down on 2010-12-18 for maintenance

We have been notified by our hosting provider that neubot master server will be down saturday 2010-12-18 for maintenance and that it should be up and running again on sunday. They will mail us as soon as the server is up, and we will do our best to restart the daemons as soon as possible.

From the user perspective, the master server being down means that neubot will fail to connect to the master server in order to get information regarding the next test to be performed. Therefore, you will not see any test result on saturday.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Deploying an alternate server for testing purpose

I have deployed an alternate server, that runs an improved version of the code and should reduce the time each neubot spends waiting for its turn to perform a transmission test. The code has already been tested locally, and now it's time to test it with a significant subset of the neubot users. Therefore, I have also modified the master server in order to redirect half of the clients to the new testing server. For more details, refer to the announce on the mailing list.


Publishing database anonymizer tool sources

Heads up! I have published online the development sources of the database analyzer and anonymizer tool. You can browse the sources at the following address:


The tool does not depend on any neubot module and you can test it against your local database.


Publishing neubot-next branch

I have created a new branch in the public git tree. This new branch is named next and is an integration branch, i.e. a branch that integrates proposed patches for the next neubot release.

You might be interested to track this branch if you want to follow very closely neubot development and/or you want to test the unstable code. If so, please read the mailing-list announcement.


Poster for NEXA Conference 2010

I will present the following poster in the context of the poster session of NEXA Conference 2010.

If you have experienced problems installing Neubot 0.3.1 on MacOS X 10.6 (as detailed here), bring your Mac and probably we'll be able to fix this issue for everyone!

neubot poster at NEXA Conference 2010

Clarifications regarding official languages for the mailing list

Just a quick update to point out that the official languages for the mailing list are English and Italian. I have also modified the mailing list page and the FAQ to clarify this point.

(That said, feel free to post in other languages, but beware that we might not be able to understand the message.)


Italian translation in progress

Abbiamo iniziato a tradurre in italiano alcune sezioni del sito, come ad esempio la sezione about. Mille grazie a Claudio Artusio che ha contribuito la maggior parte delle traduzioni.

(We began to translate into Italian some sections of the website, such as about. Many thanks to Claudio Artusio, who has contributed most of the translations.)


Released Neubot 0.3.1

I've just made available the second public release of Neubot, version 0.3.1. With respect to 0.3.0 this version contains some new features and bug fixes, as detailed in the official announcement.


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