Released neubot 0.3.0

I've just made available the first public release of Neubot, version 0.3.0. With respect to 0.2.8 this version contains some new features and bug fixes, as detailed in the official announcement.


The website is ready

The website is ready! I attach for future reference the site structure in dia and png format.

site structure

Public git tree updated to 0.3.0

We've just pushed a set of patches to our public git tree and we have tagged version 0.3.0! This means that we'll make our first public release soon :).

net.connectors: propagate error if connect() times out

Neubot hangs if connect() times out when neubot is in the rendezvous state. I've just committed and advertised the fix (apologize for having posted the message twice, I was experimenting with git send-email).


Imported packages from old packages archive

I've just imported into the sources and packages archive old packages, ranging from neubot 0.0.1 to neubot 0.2.5.


Released neubot 0.2.8

I've just released neubot 0.2.8, updated the public Git tree, and sources and packages repository. You might also want to read the announcement which discusses a new feature of 0.2.8, per-neubot unique identifier, and explains why this is not a privacy issue. Note you won't find packages in the download section since this is not yet a public release.


Updated install from sources page

I've just updated install from sources and (a) added instructions to build and install neubot from sources under Windows; (b) modified Unix instructions to recommend using start-neubot-daemon (a script that should make it simpler to start neubot as a daemon) in /etc/rc.local; and (c) added instructions to run neubot in-place from the sources directory (Unix-only).


Released neubot 0.2.7

I've just released the source and binary packages of neubot 0.2.7. This release contains fixes for bugs we found during internal testing. Now we're a step closer to our first public release, which will be neubot 0.3!


Testing neubot 0.2.7-rc1 all night long

I will run some tests all night long and, if I'm satisfied of the outcomes, I will release 0.2.7 tomorrow morning.

The new release will address some issues with missing paths, wrong file ownership and wrong directory ownership.


Fighting with python, sqlite3, and OperationalError: unable to open database file

I have been fighting for quite some time with sqlite3 and python because neubot -S (the command to start neubot master server) was failing to commit new results into the database. The (rather cryptic) error message at the end of the stacktrace was:

OperationalError: unable to open database file.



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