[Neubot] Snow Leopard: sometimes install hangs and might hang the system

Simone Basso bassosimone at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 14:53:10 CET 2010

Dear all,

As reported by Giorgio Mantovani [1] and, offlist, by others,
there are issues with MacOSX Snow Leopard (10.6) and sometimes
the install hangs and/or neubot hangs the machine.

This is quite strange because we had tested neubot on some
10.6 machines before releasing it, and we did not noticed any
problem.  My current belief is that the cause might be the old
MacOS 10.4 I use to prepare the package.

Also, from the reports it seems that not all 10.6.x systems are
affected (Giorgio, for example, runs 10.6.5). So, it would be great
to hear reports from people that had successfully installed neubot
with 10.6... what version of the operating system do you actually
run? 10.6.5? or lower?

I'll try to coordinate with Giorgio and the others that reported
the issue in order to fix it.  And I will update you as soon as
I have updates.

In conclusion, if you run MacOS X 10.6, you might want to wait
for the problem to be fixed before installing it.  Or you might
want to install it and report whether it works or not ;-).  If
it works it would be interesting to heard the actual version
number, e.g. 10.6.3.  If it does not work, please include the
version number, and, if possible, the output of the command:

$ file neubot-0.3.1.dmg

[1] http://www.neubot.org/pipermail/neubot/2010-November/000018.html

Thank you for your attention! Bye,

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